Get Mind-Blowing Results with Our

Profit-First Marketing Strategies

If you’re ready to generate profits from the stage you’ve only fantasized about, you’re in the right place.


At The Foreplay Factory, we make marketing sexy and fun by teaching speakers how to build sales funnels that get them makin’ money while leverages opther people stages.


Have you been working on taking your six-figure business to multiple six-figures by speaking on other people stages but can't seem to figure out why your call-to-actions are falling flat and not converting to generate consistent sales on autopilot? 


Well, after working on dozens of funnels, we have realized that these 11 reason are the reason you can't pop your money on autopilot cherry.


Take the assessment to see what's going on with your funnel.

In fact, with our marketing strategies and sales funnels, our speakers get mind- blowing results 🤯 like

five-figures in a week after dropping a low-cost, irresistible offer OR thousands of qualified leads added to their email list ... and all it takes is a lil’ funnel magic from us.


Because here’s the thing, we know funnels inside and out. We’ve built dozens of them and we know what works and what doesn’t. We know exactly how to help you capture and convert leads while maximizing profits.


But funnels are just a part of what we do.


Here at The Foreplay Factory, we’re passionate about strategic marketing. Our team handles ALL aspects of marketing from social media and content creation to launch strategies and calendars.

Let Our Marketing Seduce Your Leads and Turn Them Into Buyers

We love us some leads, but what we love even more is when those highly-qualified leads turn into clients who adore you and the services you offer.


That’s a relationship built to last right there and that’s our goal for each of our clients.


So ... if you’re a speaker ready to leverage automation so you can make money while you speak on other people stages AND you want to know what we can do to streamline and simplify the process, book a call.

On This Side of the Internet,

We’re All About Those Moneygasms

To help you get makin’ that money faster, we take the guesswork out of the content creation by providing you with templates and guided forms to fill out so that our team can enhance your copywriting and get you earth-shaking conversions.


We also give you a leg-up on tech support because we know all too well that tech scares a lot of speakers off from actually creating their own offers and funnels.


Need our all-in support? We got you covered. Our entire team will work with you to strategically create an action plan that gets you hitting those monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.


We’re talking mo’ money AND mo’ impact.

The Woman Behind The Moneygasms

Kristin Arilus, is the founder of The Foreplay Factory, a creative marketing agency dedicated to helping speakers build sales funnels that SEDUCE leads, SELL offers and SECURE sales automatically using email marketing.


As a result of working with her agency, clients have ...

  • Hit their first 10K month in their first 90 days of business
  • Closed $24K sales in two months with a $57 product
  • Booked $55K sales in 30 days

ALL DURING the pandemic!


When Kristin is not chasing after her dreams, you can find her chasing her two toddlers, enjoying a crime series on Netflix, completing another round of #75Hard or attending a pole dancing class.

Check Out What Clients Have To Say:

Kristin is professional, passionate, efficient, and crazy talented!


She took all my scattered ideas and formed them into a fazer sharp, focused product that is exactly was I envisioned.


I really appreciate that she leads with her faith and puts Jesus first.


If you have been struggling to get your ideas for an online business off the ground, please PLEASE contact Kristin.


You won’t regret it!

Courtney Duncan

Swavy Curly Courtney

Kristin is a DELIGHT to work with.


Not only is she super tech savvy she also has the most abundant, rich personality which inspires you and pushes you to be your best.


She has great vision and an eye for design. The sales pages she made for me made me feel confident when presenting my services to clients.


She is also doing an overhaul of my website and I’m already in love with it!


Thank you Kristin!

Aditi Ramchandani

Aditi Creative

I wanted to just say how excited I am to be able to share the wonderful, clear, fast and consistent work that Kristin Arilus does.


I have been working with her for less than a year and in this period she has helped me revamp my website, get strategic about my offers and create beautiful and good looking funnels.


By creating a calendar with clear cut focus & goals, it has allowed me to actually focus on the long term prospect of my business. Before the way I was doing things, it wasn't going to be scalable.


As a coach of mine said, “Speed Loves Money” Kristin consistently helps me bring back the focus to what will bring in the numbers.


Now I know without a doubt that this is possible and it has given me confidence to show up in my most radiant self.


Kristin’s personality put me at ease with the work I do as I am an Energy Healer working in spirituality & energy.


I trusted her to communicate my message in the best way so others are able to receive it too and you can check her work out at my website


I can't recommend her highly enough and I am excited to see how 2021 progresses.

Sweta Iyer

Powerhouse Healing Company

Kristin has an amazing gift to literally put feet to your vision. I was so impressed by her ability to pull me out of a mental roadblock.


I experienced so much peace and clarity after consulting with her.


I have more confidence to step out in faith with my business!


THANK YOU Kristin for helping me take my business idea to the next level!


May God bless the work of you hands.❤

Aysha Bowling

Gospel-Centered Living Podcast

She is great! She is efficient! She has changed the operation of my business in less than 30 days!!!!


So far she has organized my calendar so it’s not so overwhelming, my website so it can capture the leads I want to work with, my client management system so I can onboard with ease and my project management system so I can conduct busy in one place and be organized.


I like working in my business more now because the task that slowed me down are now automatic, leaving me time to focus on other aspects of my business that really need my attention and I’m so grateful for our partnership!


I look forward to working with and getting my business in order!


Thanks Kristin for what you’ve already done and what’s to come!

Toni L Brown

Creating Your Classroom